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If you are looking for help with Matlab programming, you have reached the right place. Look no further. We do Matlab programming homework, assignments, projects & reports for college and university students. Our Matlab programmers are rated among the best in the industry and we can solve any Matlab programming assignment. Our matlab assignment experts are available 24x7 and we can deliver urgent assignments in as little as 24 hours. Chat with us on our website or ping us on Whatsapp on +1.289.499.9269 for instant help.

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Matlab is a versatile programming which finds application in various fields. Though the most common uses can be found in the mathematical and engineering fields it also finds usage in a host of other fields:


MATLAB which is short for Matrix Laboratory, is a multi-paradigm propriety programming language. Its origins can be traced back to the work of Cleve Moler in 1970’s. His work found acceptance in the community of applied mathematics. The commercial potential of it was recognized by Jack Engineer, and he joined hands with Moler and Steve Bangert. They established Mathworks, a private corporation, in 1984. The three of them rewrote Matlab in the programming language C. It was again rewritten in the year 2000, to enable it to use libraries of comparatively newer set for the cause of matrix manipulation. Matlab as stated earlier is a multi-paradigm proprietary, numerical computing language. It can be used in its own language or can be interfaced with programs which are written in some other languages such as C, Fortran, C++, Java, Python etc. Get help with Matlab homework now.


Matlab has the basic work unit of matrix, which means that all of the data which is entered into this programming whether its numerical or character, is stored in the form of a matrix or an array form. Complex data forms, such as Matlab cell arrays and Matlab structures, can also be stored on matrices. This is one of the fundamental advantages of this language over others which can generally work with numbers one at a time. One of the fundamental things to keep in mind when creating a Matlab function is that the filename must match with the name assigned to the first function on the created file. The introduction of function handles enables Matlab to support lambda calculus also. Contact us for Matlab project help 24x7.


Matlab uses two types of syntax: function syntax and command syntax. In a command syntax, one or more than one argument which are separated by spaces follows the function name. Arguments are nothing more than character vectors. In the function syntax, one or more than one argument are also separated but by commas and are further enclosed by parenthesis, following the function name. Here arguments are cleared by value.



There have also been some debate on the question whether Matlab is a software or a programming language, however experts agree that it is both. Matlab application works on the Matlab scripting language but Matlab can also run programs written in other languages such as C and Fortran. A two way Interfacing with Python was established in the year 2000. To call from JAVA, a Matlab toolbox is required, sold by Mathworks separately or through a mechanism known as Java Matlab interface.


The system of MATLAB is consisted of five parts :

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matlab programming assignment help

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