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SPSS statistics assignment answers and homework help for college & university students. Contact us for help with all statistical problems, analysis, tests & reports, including longitudinal data analysis, regression tests, Chi square test, T test, Annova, Manova, data mining solutions & more.

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SPSS statistics assignment help

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SPSS is the abbreviation for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; as the name suggests, it is a software package that is used for statistical analysis especially in the field of social sciences and it offers scope for interactive and batched analysis. SPSS was developed by SPSS Inc. with its initial release in 1968; almost four decades later, SPSS was acquired by IBM in 2009. SPSS later went through a change in name with the second name being Statistical Product and Service Solution. Its present 2015 version is known as IBM SPSS Statistics. SPSS is largely used by researchers to analyze scientific data and this software package facilitates data mining, market research, surveys, and diverse statistical analysis among other things. SPSS is not only used by academic researchers in social science but also by government institutions, business researchers, survey companies, data miners, and health researchers.

SPSS ASSIGNMENT ANSWERS: SPSS DATA VIEW AND VARIABLE VIEW: The Data view feature enables SPSS to present data in the same manner as an excel sheet. Values of data become clearly observable to users owing to data view feature. SPSS also has a second viewing option which is the variable view; when a data file is opened using this second sheet called variable view, it displays all metadata as well, that is, it explains meanings of all data and variables that are presented. This elaboration of metadata feature of SPSS is known as ‘dictionary.’ Both these viewing sheets are part of SPSS Data Editor Window.

SPSS VISUALIZATION DESIGNER ASSIGNMENT HELP: The Visualization designer feature of SPSS makes it possible for users to create various visual presentations of their data using options like density charts and radial boxplots. This feature is particularly beneficial when researchers need to present reports in front of an audience. Detailed numerical data (such as change in demographic pattern over a decade) might be difficult for the audience to comprehend within a short span of time, but information represented through graphs, charts, and visual mediums are easier to register.

SPSS MODELER ASSIGNMENT HELP: SPSS modeler is a data mining workbench of great potential that makes it possible for users to create predictive models of great accuracy without any knowledge of coding. This is particularly helpful for researchers in social sciences who might not have a strong background in coding. SPSS Modeler can trace trends and patterns in unstructured and structured data with ease by using a visual interface that is backed by advanced analytics.

SPSS DATA COLLECTION ASSIGNMENT HELP: SPSS data collection attribute is basically a complete suite of products which can be used by business/ market researchers or surveyors. SPSS makes it possible to collect clean data from maximum number of sources using diverse methods, and this can be done with optimum accuracy at a commendably fast pace. This feature is of great help to researchers because it is not only reliable and expands their scope for data collection, but it is also highly cost-effective.

SPSS GENERALIZED SPATIAL ASSOCIATION RULE ASSIGNMENT HELP: A feature newly incorporated, GSAR is a new option in SPSS Geospatial modeling wizard which is capable of building Time Series models by employing geomapping information. It maps events that take place on spatial areas over different slices of time frames. For instance, it can map crimes which take place during specific hours, such as urban theft which mostly occurs at night or suburban breaking and entering which happens during the day.

SPSS SPATIO-TEMPORAL PREDICTION ASSIGNMENT HELP: This tool is also a new addition to Geospatial modeling wizard of SPSS; once data has been collected across different locations over a long period of time, STP can be used to generate linear models predicting future patterns.

SPSS DECISION MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT HELP: SPSS Decision Management tool combines predictive models and business rules to outline recommended actions which business organizations must undertake. It uses a ‘closed loop’ system where outcomes of today’s interactions are fed into models that predict and recommend ideal actions for the future. Business decisions are therefore optimized and generated automatically, improving chances for better results.

SPSS COLLABORATION AND DEPLOYMENT SERVICES ASSIGNMENT HELP: This feature facilitates the management of analytical assets and it also creates scope for sharing results in a secure manner. Consequently, people who are working on analytics and people who are working on development of a project can collaborate, enhancing analytic efficiency. With this, ongoing analytic processes can be automatically integrated with the development, and when models and scores are deployed at the point of impact, the ROI rises radically.

DIFFERENT STATISTICAL ANALYSIS PERFORMED BY SPSS: SPSS is immensely useful for performing a wide array of statistical analyses; the most significant ones which can be carried out through SPSS are as follows.

SPSS REGRESSION ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT ANSWERS: Regression analysis is conducted to interpret the relation between an independent and a dependent variable, which are stored in a data file. It also explains how a change in the independent variable might potentially affect the dependent variable. Regression analysis can be of different types such as linear regression, polynomial regression, lasso regression, ridge regression, and ElasticNet Regression. This kind of analysis is of great significance while formulating government policies or making important business decisions where variable factors and their relationships need to be considered.

SPSS ANOVA ASSIGNMENT ANSWERS:: ANOVA is the abbreviation for Analysis of Variance, it is the statistical analysis which is used to find if there are statistically significant differences between means of three or more independent groups. That is, ANOVA is helpful is pointing out if there are significant differences between three groups that are being tested. With ANOVA test, researchers can understand if their experiment results are relevant, whether a hypothesis should be accepted or rejected. For instance, when an experiment is conducted where three psychological patients are undergoing three methods of therapy like counseling, medication, and biofeedback and the researcher wants to see if therapy is more effective than others, ANOVA would be useful in analyzing. SPSS allows ANOVA to be conducted with significant ease, using data from diverse fields.

SPSS MANOVA ASSIGNMENT ANSWERS: MANOVA or Multivariate Analysis of Variance is an advanced form of ANOVA. Like ANOVA, it is used to find the difference in means of three or more independent groups, but MANOVA is specifically used when there are two or more dependent variables involved. SPSS is used by market researchers who employ MANOVA to figure out such things as the different factors that can affect consumer choices of different population.

SPSS T-TEST ASSIGNMENT ANSWERS: T-test is an inferential statistical analysis that helps to determine if there are statistically relevant differences between two groups which might be related to one another in certain aspects. T-tests are ideal for data sets that have a normal distribution and have unknown variances, such as when results of flipping a coin a hundred times are noted in a data set. T-test is essentially used for testing hypothesis to see if they are valid, and in case of social sciences, these hypotheses can be related to different types of populations. T-test differs from ANOVA in the fact that it works with two groups while ANOVA and MANOVA work with three or more groups. SPSS is capable of performing rapid T-tests with complex data sets.

SPSS CHI-SQUARE TEST ASSIGNMENT HELP: A Chi-Square test in statistics, also called X2, is used to find out how the observed data differs from expected data in one or more categories in a contingency table. Chi-square tests need to use data that are raw, mutually exclusive, and random, and these data must be collected from independent variables belonging to a large and diverse sample. SPSS is of great relevance when one is trying to conduct a chi-square test because it helps in the collection of accurate data from a large and diverse sample conveniently and it can perform the consequent test using this data to yield appropriate result.

SPSS NON-PARAMETRIC TEST ASSIGNMENT HELP: Non-parametric tests are ones whose models do not provide specific conditions for parameters of data sets from which the sample was drawn. They are usually defined in comparison to parametric tests because they do not need calculations as strong as the ones required by parametric test. Parametric tests need very specific distribution structures to be met in the data, but non-parametric tests are not dependent on distributions like that and therefore they can be used even when parametric conditions for validity are not met by data sets. Chi-square test is one of the popular parametric tests but there are many more like Kruskal Willis test which is a non-parametric alternative for ANOVA test (which is parametric). SPSS allows researchers to perform various non-parametric tests such as Mann-Whitney test, Wilcoxon test, Friedman’s test, and others.

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We like to keep things simple and straight-forward. We do not believe in complicated processes or extended wait times. We believe there should be no need for our customers to chase us up for status updates, instead, we will proactively keep you updated with progress of your SPSS statistics assignment at every stage. No surprise delays. No putting up with rude customer care executives. We are absolutely committed to delivering your completed SPSS homework on time, every time.

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SPSS statistics assignment help

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SPSS statistics assignment help


SPSS statistics assignment answersSo happy with the excellent work your expert did on my longitudinal data analysis with R assignment. Thank you for your 24/7 assignment help service. So glad I found you guys online else I would have ended up missing the submission deadline for my assignment.

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